Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach


Ngapali Beach is the most beautiful unspoilt beach of Myanmar. It is located on the Bay of Bengal, in Rakhine State. Pristine Ngapali was named after an Italian city “Naple”. This Beach stretches of white smooth sand palm tree fringed and crystal clear water. It is not exploited and only in using for tourism. It is an ideal place to escape far from the bustle of city and enjoy in breathtaking pristine beach. There are a large number of resorts and hotels developing along the beach and in villages.

Ngapali (pronounced Napally and said to be named after the Italian city of Naples) is Myanmar’s premier beach destination. Located on the Bay of Bengal coast in Rakhine State, its main feature is an idyllic stretch of white sand and palm tree-lined coast, with a number of resorts spread out next to traditional fishing villages.

There are also some new hotel developments on the beaches nearer the airport (which is named Thandwe after the nearby inland town, but is in fact located closer to Ngapali – about six kilometres north of the main beach). 

On boat tours you can ask to go to the fishing villages; islands just off the coast; go snorkelling; or visit a large hilltop Buddha at the far end of the bay to the south of Ngapali, which offers panoramic views over the bay and out to sea. If you're feeling adventurous, you can also reach the Buddha by bicycle or motorbike. You will need to continue all the way through to the end of the bay to the south of Ngapali’s main beach, and then up the hill – and bear in mind that the final section is fairly steep and rocky! The Buddha can be seen from the entire bay, so the direction is clear.
To get the best possible views of Ngapali and the surrounding coastline, you can take to the skies in a hot air balloon; price is US5 per person and you can book your trip by clicking on the button on the right side of this page. The ballooning season in Ngapali runs from the end of November to mid-March. 
<div style="\&quot;text-align:" justify;\"=""> There are a number of ATMs along the main road that runs parallel to the beach at Ngapali, including at some of the higher end hotels such as the Amata Resort.
Unsurprisingly, one of the delights of Ngapali is its delicious fresh seafood, including fried squid, king prawns, lobster, snapper, barracuda, fish curries and more.
Most hotels have beach view restaurants that are open to everyone, and at lunchtime a fun (and cheap) option is to head to the independent beachside restaurants centred around Angel Bar and Restaurant, which can be found at roughly the midway point of the main beach. Just off the coast to the south of Ngapali, Pearl Island is a charming spot where giant lobsters are served up at a restaurant with sun canopies that line the beach. 
There are also dozens of restaurants, as well as art and souvenir shops, that line the main road parallel to the beach – with the biggest clutch situated just north of Silver Beach hotel.
Despite the name, Thandwe airport is in fact closer to Ngapali Beach than it is to the town of Thandwe. All mid-range and luxury hotels offer complimentary airport transfer, and have dedicated desks in the arrival area. If you do not have transport arranged, taxi prices will vary according to the location of your hotel – but should cost no more than K5000. There is a currency exchange and coffee shop/bar at the airport.
Note that flights from Yangon and Sittwe to Thandwe run regularly throughout the year, but flights from other locations are frequently cancelled, particularly in the rainy season.

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