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Puppetry is a popular art that can be found in many countries. Nonetheless, the only place you can enjoy a water puppetry performance is Vietnam. This is one of the most unique art forms in the country’s art treasure.
Water puppetry is a deep-rooted folk art of making puppets dancing on water. It was derived from folk theaters in the traditional villages of Red River Delta as far as 11th century. Water puppetry shows were often performed on the occasions of traditional festivals such as New Year’s Day, harvest festivals, village festivals, or important days of the country. Due to the incalculable values in terms of art and culture, water puppetry has quickly become the traditional art of Vietnam. It was considered as an intangible cultural heritage of Vietnamese people.
Water puppetry has different characteristics in comparison to the conventional puppetry. In details, the stage of water puppetry shows is a waist-deep pool. Puppeteers will design background and decorate the pool with familiar images of Vietnamese villages such as communal houses/ temples, flags, buffalos, etc. Puppeteers will sit behind the scene to control puppets via bamboo rods or poles. A typical water puppet performance will take place with singings, drumbeats, and flute music. The music performed in water puppet show is normally folksongs or “chèo”. 
To truly enjoy a professional performance of water puppetry, tourists should buy tickets at Thang Long Water Puppetry Theater. Founded in 1969, the theater is known as the most prestigious address of both domestic and international audiences in Vietnam to watch water puppetry. The theater is located at Dinh Tien Hoang Street, therefore, it takes you a few minutes to walk from HoanKiem Lake to the theater. Since its establishment, Thang Long Water Puppetry Theater has attracted a large number of tourists. It is estimated that there are 5 – 7 water puppet shows per day. This is the leading address of Vietnamese puppetry. The theater has successfully toured over 40 countries and left strong impression for audiences in Asia, European, America, and so forth.
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Show schedule

Day of show Show time Theatre Duration Ticket class Price  
Sunday 9:30 Thang Long 45 min A 9$ Book
B 7$ Book
Daily 16:10 45 min A 9$ Book
B 7$ Book
Daily 17:20 45 min A 9$ Book
B 7$ Book
Daily 18:30 45 min A 9$ Book
B 7$ Book
Daily 20:00 45 min A 9$ Book
B 7$ Book
Daily 17:00 Bong Sen 45 min A 9$ Book
B 7$ Book
Daily 18:00 45 min A 9$ Book
B 7$ Book
Daily 19:00 45 min A 9$ Book
B 7$ Book


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